Manifesto | WILBUR Watch


We are the innovators.
Above all, we value the open mind.

We know our enemies:
The boring, the blind followers.
The doctrine, the norms,
All of which breed in dogma.

We are the few, the lucky rebels
Who won’t conform, who won’t be broken.
We refuse to play it safe,
Because to thrive is the only way to survive.

We are Designers, we build.
We shape parallel worlds.
We make music, we make art.
We absorb everything.

We create technology,
We create jobs and businesses.
We create opportunities,
We create economies.

We never stop.
We know pain and failure, we have scars.
We know success and glory.
But we don’t crave these things.

Together, we fight!
Boundaries are the enemy.
Routine is crisis, to be smashed
With the ideas of a New Tomorrow.

We will not bow to convention,
We will never surrender.
We are trailblazers,
Join us or ignore us.