2020 Automatic Launch Edition

Enter the winner's circle

Enter the winner's circle

Like you, we never back down from a challenge

We told ourselves, never focus on the past. Focus on the future, because the future is limitless. A life-long passion for pushing the limits of design and engineering bred an astonishing piece beyond any spec that’s been realized before. It’s a transformative timepiece with a modular case system that allows for true future customization. Because we’re inspired by your relentless spirit, we’ve built this watch with an attitude to match.

Break records

Hand-finished, CNC machined steel. Anti-reflective sapphire crystals. Automatic movement.
Break records

Own the trophy

Patent-pending dial & movement suspension system. Exhibition back with “launch” rotor. For those who refuse to back down.
Own the trophy

Experience Limitless Possibilities

Launching in 2020 with super-limited custom parts to upgrade your watch in Machined Billet Carbon Fiber, Ceramic, Titanium and Sapphire.


"Built around a 9-part modular case system from award-winning designer Jason Wilbur, the eponymously-named Wilbur Launch Edition Watch is capable of future upgrades and customization."

"The 2020 Launch Edition looks to blur the boundary between one-of-a-kind timekeepers, and their more versatile counterparts, allowing buyers to customize and swap components at a later date."

"…a beautifully complex approach to luxury timekeeping.”

This is the future of luxury

Born in California from the dreams of Jason Wilbur, our brand is built on pushing limits. Our watches are simply a reminder of life’s amazing journey and that nothing is impossible.

“We started this brand with the idea that the future is limitless. The goal is to create pieces that are both challenging to produce as well as high in unique personality. This is driven by our passion to push the limits of design and engineering and to create legendary luxury time sculpture.”

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