Caring for your watch | WILBUR Watch

Due to the unique construction of your WILBUR watch, it is highly recommended that you take your watch to a certified watchmaker / repair shop for installation of new straps or to make any adjustments. Damage due to alterations or incorrect adjustments will void the warranty. 

Cleaning the watch will keep it beautiful and in working order and will prevent damage to the finishes and coatings for many years. Use a microfiber or soft cloth to clean off debris before wiping down your watch. Make sure your crown is in the closed position before wiping down.

A mild soap and warm water mixture applied with a soft toothbrush will remove all dirt and debris from your watchcase. Wipe with warm water on a soft cloth and dry with a soft cloth.

Rubber straps may be cleaned in the same way. In addition, the application of a rubber treatment will allow your strap to remain soft and free of cracks.

Ballistic Nylon and leather straps may be damaged by use of soap or water. Use a soft and lightly-damp cloth to clean your non-rubber strap and let dry before continued wear.

Do not submerge your watch water or in any liquid of any kind. Our watches are water resistant only, they are not diving watches and are not intended for such activity.

When storing your watch, keep it in a cool, dry place. High heat, high humidity and extreme cold may damage the watch.

Your watch movement is a finely tuned mechanical machine. As such, it is important to wind the watch periodically if not worn often. Make sure to rotate the rotor several times after not wearing the watch for an extended period of time. This will allow the watch to self-lubricate and for the gears to cycle freely.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the maintenance or operation of your watch, we are always here to help.